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Bali Destination Wedding Inspiration

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Destination Wedding Inspiration-101

We found ourselves a hidden cove, a little patch in the sand, a warm, inviting, and familiar setting. Raw, rugged, and resplendent, crystal blues, soft shimmering greys and washes of lavender against jagged sandstone rocks.

Natalie pulled in treasures of the old world, paired with this jaw dropping gown from the talented ladies from MXM Couture which stole the show. Mermaidesque ruffles upon ruffles, crystals and the most intricate layering and hand beading.

Thank you so much to this incredible team of creatives, pulled from all corners of the globe. We adored working with you all!

And of course, thanks to Once Wed for the beautiful feature.

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Creative Design and Coordination: Paper Diamonds | Flowers: Lua Leuca | Hair & Make-up: Odelia Sarre | Bridal Gown: MXM Couture | Model: Bec from Viviens Model Management | Paper Goods: The Little Press | Furniture and Decor Rental: Her Handpicked Harvest | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Film: Fuji Pro 400H | Camera: Mamiya 645AF


Tuscany, Italy

• • •

We stood and waited as four steaming espresso’s were swiftly pushed our direction. “Knock it back, that’s how you do it in Italy”.

The four of us we were so excited, jittery even. Perhaps it was the straight double espresso we’d knocked back, perhaps it was the view as we swung over the hill some two hours later.

The car pulled over, we all stepped out, we all silently breathed it in. It’s as though we’d just walked into the world of an ancient painting, hand-crafted, perfectly preserved from a time long ago.

Over the next four days we drifted into a world of wheat & sunflower fields, lavender, olive groves, vineyards, prosecco under the plum tree, the sound of wild pigs chomping loudly on the fallen apricots, chasing firefly’s at night, an ancient city and crumbling relics , vespa rides through the hills, red wine, pasta, cheese, olives and everything amazing Tuscany had to offer.

We were even adopted by the resident cat & dog, Ellis & Zen.

It was so perfect, so dreamy, we often had to pinch ourselves to believe we were there.

The only possible way to do these experiences justice anymore than the vivid scenes engraved into our minds, was by taking them on film.

Sometimes taking a photo of what you’re looking at is nothing more than a disappointment when you immediately look at the back of your screen realising it looks nothing like what’s in front of your eyes.

Our film cameras accompanied us the entire adventure and we lived the adventure through our eyes, not the back of a screen.

6 weeks later far after our little adventure had ended we downloaded a special little link from Richard Photo Lab. The excitement we felt was so exhilarating, we’d been waiting so patiently to see these images.

It didn’t disappoint. Not for a moment. We laughed and sighed and cried and pinched ourselves at the thought we’d ever had such an amazing adventure, the film images bought to life every last memory.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

In a little over 3.5 months we’ll be back to the amazing continent of Europe, with scenes as perfect as paintings and the most glorious light that never seems to end. What we’re most looking forward to though is sharing this with the beautiful attendees who are joining us on our Field Trip which we’re holding in Provence, France on 17-19 September. A glorious place to learn the art of film, meet new friends and slow down, truly seeing what’s in front of our eyes.

We still have a few last places available so if you’re interested head to our Field Trips booking page, if you have any questions about our Field Trips, don’t hesitate to ask.

Lastly a few of these frames, so dear to our hearts will soon be available to purchase as Fine Art Prints through our new print store.

For now, take a dreamy trip through Tuscany with us & our dear friends Grant & Britt. You won’t be disappointed, not for a moment.


from africa with love

• • •

Tomorrow we’ll have been in Botswana for two weeks.

Two weeks. We can’t quite believe it.

It’s raced by but at the same time it’s feels like we’ve been here forever, it just feels like home.

So far we’ve moved into a basic local village home with just a few boxes of bits and pieces to start our new life from scratch.

Our little house is pink & sits on a little hill overlooking rambling dirt tracks, cows and donkeys. Lots and lots of donkeys.

We’ve waged war against roaches and mosquitos, been without water, electricity and internet (on and off), and adopted a popular saying here, ‘TIA’ ‘This Is Africa’. Things can be cumbersome and slow, but patience is certainly a virtue.

In 2 weeks we’ve already grown to love so much about Botswana. It’s desert-scape is completely obscure yet strangely beautiful, calming sounds of cow-bells as they roam freely, distant hee-haw’s from donkey’s & every day the sunset absolutely takes our breath away. We’ve never seen colours like these, African sunsets are in a league of their own & best enjoyed whilst sitting in camping chairs.

And the people. These beautiful people.

Mild, softly spoken, humble. All you have to do is attempt to say hello “Dumela Mma / Dumela Rra” and their faces quickly burst into big toothy smiles. Life is very simple, most people in our village don’t have cars so they walk, even the longest of distances on the hottest of days. But they have the basics to fill their needs and they are content.

It’s not been easy by any means, we’ve learn a lot of lessons, but even in 2 short weeks it’s been one of the most rewarding experience’s we’ve ever had.

Today, we’ve managed to get back on the internet, a huge success.

To our lovely fans and clients, please know that we haven’t forgotten about you! This week we’re getting back into it, we truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

In the next few weeks we are launching a print store, bookings for our Provence, France Field Trip and dates for our Australian Field Trips (FINALLY). And not to mention we’ll be blogging a few lovely weddings.

We hope you are all keeping well, safe, happy and dry.

We’re signing off to the sound of cow bells & hee-haws, tomorrow we’ll watch the sunset from our camping chairs and think of you all.

Lots of love,

Seth and Tenielle