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Botswana, Africa

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Botswana, you have won our hearts.

Shot with our Canon 1V, Fuji GF670 and Contax G 2 film cameras.

Song Credit: Traditional Music of Botswana / When they are playing their whistles / iTunes

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  1. carlienAugust 24th, 2012

    the music and those photos transported me back to africa! beautiful work!

  2. BenAugust 24th, 2012


  3. ChloeAugust 24th, 2012

    To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that you didn’t choose Toto, Africa. It’s a classic afterall. Even with aforementioned disappointment though, I love them all and would like to order prints of donkeys at the bus stop, creepy zebra and those giraffes for our wall of fame.
    You are burilliant. x

  4. KirstenAugust 24th, 2012

    Amazing. I lived about half an hour from Gaborone back in the late 80s. I miss it sometimes (but not the dust storms which used to blow me off my bike).

    My favourite is the backlit one of the tree with all the golden rays coming down. Stunning.

  5. BarbaraAugust 24th, 2012

    What lovely photos. We spent 3 weeks on a mobile safari there in 2010 so your photos brought back warm memories

  6. britt springAugust 24th, 2012

    I laughed out loud when I saw the donkeys at Bus Stop! brilliant! haha. I also like Chloe want the giraffe shot, lions lying in the sun for my wall!! bxxxxxx

  7. PatriciaAugust 24th, 2012

    ohhhhhh….I love this post. And more I love how you see things through your eyes!!!

  8. MariaAugust 24th, 2012

    How awesome…… the colours, the faces of all the locals, the landscaping with the harshness and beauty of hues……such a simple life and yet, such happy smiles.
    Thank you for allowing us to see this amazing work of yours.

  9. Kat BramanAugust 24th, 2012

    spectacular! how did you get so close to those lions? that bus stop image with the donkeys is epic.

  10. It's Beautiful HereAugust 24th, 2012

    And you have won ours. Best travel photos ever.

  11. AshtonAugust 25th, 2012

    B o k e h I f u l. Bus stop sign with donkeys is more.

  12. Whitney ArnettAugust 25th, 2012

    I love how you captured Africa in such an artsy way. My husband and I are moving to Tanzania next year so I loved looking at your pics. I can’t wait

  13. benj haischAugust 25th, 2012

    incredible. I JUST got back from Kenya and SOOO wish I had more time to explore.

  14. JewelleryAugust 25th, 2012

    I too love the donkeys at the bus stop, and the lions and the giraffes all in a row oh and the children! I could taste the dust and feel the heat, thanks for sharing the magic! Ooooh and the black and white tree I love him too!

  15. James FrostAugust 25th, 2012

    so so awesome love every frame :)

  16. tim coulsonAugust 27th, 2012

    Loved these, guys. Properly beautiful.

  17. Albert PalmerAugust 29th, 2012

    SImply beautiful. Actually makes me want to visit Africa. Thanks for sharing these – they brightened up my day.

  18. Walter BurksAugust 30th, 2012

    These are really cool. You were able to get so close to the animals! I have always wanted to visit Africa now I really want to!

  19. colerAugust 30th, 2012

    Holy shit this is magic.

  20. TylerAugust 30th, 2012

    ya. i wanna go.

  21. Jack ChauvelAugust 30th, 2012

    I love it.. I recently shot almost only with my 645AFD in Bali and it was a blast.

    Especially love the compositions with the animals. Top work team :)

  22. ALMA //August 30th, 2012

    YOWZAAA guys!! Love the portrait of happy people of Africa.

  23. Heather CurielAugust 30th, 2012

    What a trip! Lovely portraits.

  24. SaAugust 30th, 2012

    God I love your work so much. Super jealous of your adventures.

  25. heather nanAugust 30th, 2012

    You got me itching for some passport stamping. Lovely images!

  26. KimAugust 31st, 2012

    These photos are so beautiful, and many of them heartbreakingly so. I want to go to Africa so, so badly. Thanks for letting us come along for the ride. Love your guys’s work so much!

  27. niravAugust 31st, 2012

    Guys, this is incredible. The “bus stop” one takes the cake for me :). Thank you for sharing this amazing trip with us. You two are beyond talent. can’t wait to share hugs again soon.

  28. jessica lorrenSeptember 3rd, 2012

    yeah what Nirav said.

  29. bammSeptember 3rd, 2012

    i’m actually from thailand i really admire your works they are amazing!!

    ps. i’ve never comment on any site before hahaha

  30. SheridanSeptember 6th, 2012

    WOW! absolutely love it, amazing work :)

  31. Botswana safariSeptember 13th, 2012

    Those are some lovely pictures! I love those shots of the donkeys. And the barberman’s shop is pretty cool!

  32. ShonaSeptember 18th, 2012

    Do you have any recommendations for places to stay in Botswana ? We are planning a trip there at the moment and would love to hear which places you loved !

  33. Alice LeeSeptember 19th, 2012

    I am trying to go to Botswana next year for a few months (fingers crossed it all works out) and these are making me want to pack up and go right now. So, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  34. TomAugust 14th, 2015

    Next stop botswana!

  35. Peter MajdanSeptember 8th, 2015

    Great set of images from amazing country. Been added to my travel list:)

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