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Tomorrow we’ll have been in Botswana for two weeks.

Two weeks. We can’t quite believe it.

It’s raced by but at the same time it’s feels like we’ve been here forever, it just feels like home.

So far we’ve moved into a basic local village home with just a few boxes of bits and pieces to start our new life from scratch.

Our little house is pink & sits on a little hill overlooking rambling dirt tracks, cows and donkeys. Lots and lots of donkeys.

We’ve waged war against roaches and mosquitos, been without water, electricity and internet (on and off), and adopted a popular saying here, ‘TIA’ ‘This Is Africa’. Things can be cumbersome and slow, but patience is certainly a virtue.

In 2 weeks we’ve already grown to love so much about Botswana. It’s desert-scape is completely obscure yet strangely beautiful, calming sounds of cow-bells as they roam freely, distant hee-haw’s from donkey’s & every day the sunset absolutely takes our breath away. We’ve never seen colours like these, African sunsets are in a league of their own & best enjoyed whilst sitting in camping chairs.

And the people. These beautiful people.

Mild, softly spoken, humble. All you have to do is attempt to say hello “Dumela Mma / Dumela Rra” and their faces quickly burst into big toothy smiles. Life is very simple, most people in our village don’t have cars so they walk, even the longest of distances on the hottest of days. But they have the basics to fill their needs and they are content.

It’s not been easy by any means, we’ve learn a lot of lessons, but even in 2 short weeks it’s been one of the most rewarding experience’s we’ve ever had.

Today, we’ve managed to get back on the internet, a huge success.

To our lovely fans and clients, please know that we haven’t forgotten about you! This week we’re getting back into it, we truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

In the next few weeks we are launching a print store, bookings for our Provence, France Field Trip and dates for our Australian Field Trips (FINALLY). And not to mention we’ll be blogging a few lovely weddings.

We hope you are all keeping well, safe, happy and dry.

We’re signing off to the sound of cow bells & hee-haws, tomorrow we’ll watch the sunset from our camping chairs and think of you all.

Lots of love,

Seth and Tenielle


so, what do you think?

  1. joanna brownMarch 22nd, 2013

    Ah I can picture it now… so looking forward to reading all your beautiful stories and adventures :)

  2. LauraMarch 22nd, 2013

    God bless you guys! You’re doing amazing things xx

  3. CarolineMarch 22nd, 2013

    I have such mad respect for you two that I’m actually speechless. Jealous even, and in the best way possible. I hope we get to meet one day soon.

  4. MariaMarch 22nd, 2013

    Oh my…….your description put me there!!! It was like i was living it…..
    Although the conditions are minimal, the blessings and experiences you’re going to gain from it, will surpass all of that.
    We take for granted so much, due to where we live and sometimes not even realise, what’s going on around this poor countries.
    My dear friends, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful feelings about that distant country. Miss you lots.
    Looking forward to your awesome pictures. Oxox

  5. AmyMarch 22nd, 2013

    You guys really are incredible!

  6. Sam & AdamMarch 22nd, 2013

    Well done guys, it sounds like you’ve settled in nicely and are embracing the experience with all your hearts. We’re looking forward to seeing some beautiful sunset photos x

  7. Rose lazarMarch 24th, 2013

    I don’t even know you, I stumbled across your site from a post by a frind Veronica and was so touched by your beautiful work. Brisbanes got talent. Enjoy Africa the place of my birth, it beats inside you. Keep up the amazing work

  8. MailinhMarch 24th, 2013

    So happy to hear that you’ve guys made it safe and sound & are settling in nicely. Also…can’t wait for all the photos and stories coming to the blog. I’ve been missing my dose of Feather & Stone blog posts. ;)

  9. DomMarch 24th, 2013

    So excited for you two and very glad that you are getting comfortable there.
    Thinking of you two! I’ve started an email to you but I think you know what I mean when I say so many things happen every day when you’re in a new hometown between the time you start typing and the time you finally hit the ‘send’ button ;P
    take care!!

  10. ChloeMarch 25th, 2013


  11. bryanMarch 26th, 2013

    insane you guys. so inspiring!

  12. Ben and EllieApril 4th, 2013

    So glad to hear you guys are settling in! Lots of love from us heading your way across the ocean.

  13. Fiona VailApril 15th, 2013

    wow, what an incredible journey you are both on and an exciting new chapter in your life. Just secured my spot for your workshop in Perth in October. I am so excited to meet you both and hear about your adventures. x

  14. Amanda (Bruce Loves Susie)April 15th, 2013

    wow guys…. amazing. i’ve always admired your work and now i admire your spirit! i would absolutely love to be doing what you’re doing… keep dreaming big! ox

  15. GlendaApril 16th, 2013

    Ciao from San Diego!
    What a blessing to be able to experience life in Africa!! I can’t wait to hear and see more of your new home!

  16. Mark PoolJanuary 2nd, 2017

    A lovely article. Being from Africa myself, I have found this genuine piece, very inspiring.

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