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Tuscany, Italy

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We stood and waited as four steaming espresso’s were swiftly pushed our direction. “Knock it back, that’s how you do it in Italy”.

The four of us we were so excited, jittery even. Perhaps it was the straight double espresso we’d knocked back, perhaps it was the view as we swung over the hill some two hours later.

The car pulled over, we all stepped out, we all silently breathed it in. It’s as though we’d just walked into the world of an ancient painting, hand-crafted, perfectly preserved from a time long ago.

Over the next four days we drifted into a world of wheat & sunflower fields, lavender, olive groves, vineyards, prosecco under the plum tree, the sound of wild pigs chomping loudly on the fallen apricots, chasing firefly’s at night, an ancient city and crumbling relics , vespa rides through the hills, red wine, pasta, cheese, olives and everything amazing Tuscany had to offer.

We were even adopted by the resident cat & dog, Ellis & Zen.

It was so perfect, so dreamy, we often had to pinch ourselves to believe we were there.

The only possible way to do these experiences justice anymore than the vivid scenes engraved into our minds, was by taking them on film.

Sometimes taking a photo of what you’re looking at is nothing more than a disappointment when you immediately look at the back of your screen realising it looks nothing like what’s in front of your eyes.

Our film cameras accompanied us the entire adventure and we lived the adventure through our eyes, not the back of a screen.

6 weeks later far after our little adventure had ended we downloaded a special little link from Richard Photo Lab. The excitement we felt was so exhilarating, we’d been waiting so patiently to see these images.

It didn’t disappoint. Not for a moment. We laughed and sighed and cried and pinched ourselves at the thought we’d ever had such an amazing adventure, the film images bought to life every last memory.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

In a little over 3.5 months we’ll be back to the amazing continent of Europe, with scenes as perfect as paintings and the most glorious light that never seems to end. What we’re most looking forward to though is sharing this with the beautiful attendees who are joining us on our Field Trip which we’re holding in Provence, France on 17-19 September. A glorious place to learn the art of film, meet new friends and slow down, truly seeing what’s in front of our eyes.

We still have a few last places available so if you’re interested head to our Field Trips booking page, if you have any questions about our Field Trips, don’t hesitate to ask.

Lastly a few of these frames, so dear to our hearts will soon be available to purchase as Fine Art Prints through our new print store.

For now, take a dreamy trip through Tuscany with us & our dear friends Grant & Britt. You won’t be disappointed, not for a moment.


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  1. EmikoMay 23rd, 2013

    I recognise those images of San Gimignano anywhere :) It’s a place very close to my heart, I spent 7 years living in Florence before heading to Melbourne 18 months ago. You’ve captured that wonderful warm Tuscan light just so. If you’re back that way again and need a good lab recommendation for scanning or printing medium format film in Florence, let me know, I used to teach film photography there ;)

  2. Jessica LorrenMay 23rd, 2013

    You guys. These images are what dreams are made of. I love Tuscany and you captured it perfectly. The colors are purely intoxicating and I have yet to find light as magical as that of Tuscany. So glad you enjoyed :)

  3. MariaMay 23rd, 2013

    These are the kind of pictures that makes your heart wanting to be there.
    The colours are so real and intense, the scenery, my goodness……it\’s awesome!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Whitney Lane ArnettMay 24th, 2013

    Love it! We were in Europe last fall for a wedding and I fell in Love with Italy. I love all your work on film and someday I hope I can make it out to one of your stunning workshops :)

  5. Jade SheldonMay 25th, 2013

    Italy is one of my favorite places on the planet. You captured its purity and beauty perfectly…

  6. Lisa PiresMay 31st, 2013

    ahhhhh I’m dying over here looking at these! Best trip ever it seems, and with great company. I’d like to order all of these as prints for my wall, thank you x

  7. Britt SpringJune 8th, 2013

    Ahh just stumbled upon this post and while I scrolled through the photos I felt every single photo jump into my mind as a beautiful memory, smell or taste we had together. I hope you believe me when I say this – is and will be always one of our fave holidays ever. We have the 6 of us (You, us, Ellis & Zen) on our wall in the lounge. Proud as punch we are. thank you for the reminder of an amazing holiday and how precious friends are. Lov always B&G. xoxo

  8. JayJune 9th, 2013

    I would so love to be there. . . . right at that restaurant table in the laneway!

  9. BrendanJune 24th, 2013

    Such a lovely feel in this set. Beautiful.

  10. Mark BSeptember 25th, 2015

    Beautiful work. I’m really impressed with these.

  11. Mark BSeptember 25th, 2015

    Lovely photographs. This is really great work.

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